Chinese man online; I’m a slave please help me

How the internet is slowly but significantly changing the face of China, bringing to the public the massive social issues caused by Beijing’s oppressive policies:

The photo was taken on September 3 in Beijing. In the photo, Professor Yang Zhizhu from China Youth University for Political Sciences is holding a placard to… sell himself as a slave in order to pay the penalty for violating the one child policy:

“My name is Yang Zhizhu and I was originally an assistant professor at the China Youth University for Political Sciences. My wife… got pregnant by accident and did not have the heart to get an abortion. On December 21, 2009 she gave birth to our second daughter. In April this year, I was laid off by the university. My monthly salary should be 960 yuan, but I now only get 368 yuan. Two months later, they… deducted another 960 yuan. Moreover, the Haidian district family planning committee have asked me to pay 240,000 yuan “Social Upbringing Fee”. I don’t have money and I can only pay the bill by getting myself sold. Since I won’t be able to take care of my children after being sold, I want to mark my price higher to 640,000 yuan. Whoever decides to buy me, I will become their slave and serve them until I die. I reject donations as I don’t want to become a parasite… for the sake… of my child.”