Commander guy’s reality

No wonder that Bush thinks that Iraq was harboring Al Qaeda, had WMD and was responsible for 9/11. He wasn’t lying, he just resides in a parallel universe.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the right wing mind.

The president says Democrats have it all wrong: the public doesn’t want the troops pulled out — they want to give the military more support in its mission.

“Last November, the American people said they were frustrated and wanted a change in our strategy in Iraq,” he said April 24, ahead of a veto showdown with congressional Democrats over their desire to legislation a troop withdrawal timeline. “I listened. Today, General David Petraeus is carrying out a strategy that is dramatically different from our previous course.”

At least we know how the brains of right wing pundits…umm… This comes as no surprise really.…  After all, in the Bizzaro Bush World, war is peace, death is liberation, and torture is freedom.

Commander guy was on a roll.

Increasingly isolated on a war that is going badly, Bush has presented his alternative reality in other ways, too. He expresses understanding for the public’s dismay over the unrelenting sectarian violence and American losses that have passed 3,400, but then asserts that the public’s solution matches his.

“A lot of Americans want to know, you know, when?” he said at a Rose Garden news conference Thursday. “When are you going to win?”

Also in that session, Bush said: “I recognize there are a handful there, or some, who just say, `Get out, you know, it’s just not worth it. Let’s just leave.’ I strongly disagree with that attitude. Most Americans do as well.”

No doubt, these polls all have it wrong too.

Of course, if Bush was even close to reality, maybe his approval numbers would not continue to head south, either.