Few steps required

An easy-to-follow guide for Jews looking to ditch their Zionist identity and discover a more rounded human-rights perspective:

It’s going to be tough sticking it out with the Zionists, so what if you want to cut loose? What do you do if you want to parachute from the zeppelin of Zion but still maintain a Jewish identity? Can you bale on Israel without baling on Judaism?

UPDATE: Of course, Israel does itself no favours when it brazenly desires cluster munitions that are designed to kill and maim as many civilians as possible.

UPDATE II: Furthermore, the Zionist cause is always helped by former Israeli soldiers who spend their lives writing opinion pieces for national newspapers when, in reality, their strong desire is to be back in the Middle East killing Arabs. Another own goal scored (and it would help their credibility if they could at least spell my name correctly.)