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Richard Miniter from the moonbat blog, Pajamas Media , informs us he’s onto a huge story:

I have more pieces in the works, including an interview with a number of Saddam’s intelligence service who says he worked with al Qaeda, an interview with a key Iranian resistance leader, a humorous feature called “Scenes from the Green Zone” and much more. Stay tuned.

Can’t wait for that one. Perhaps he will do the honourable thing and share his Pulitzer Prize with Melanie Phillips.

Speaking of the Green Zone:

BAGHDAD — A sharp increase in mortar attacks on the Green Zone — the one-time oasis of security in Iraq’s turbulent capital — has prompted the U.S. Embassy to issue a strict new order telling all employees to wear flak vests and helmets while in unprotected buildings or whenever they are outside.

The order, obtained by The Associated Press, has created a siege mentality among U.S. staff inside the Green Zone following a recent suicide attack on parliament. It has also led to new fears about long-term safety in the place where the U.S. government is building a massive and expensive new embassy.

The situation marks a sharp turnaround for the heavily guarded Green Zone — long viewed as the safest corner of Baghdad with its shops, restaurants, American fast-food outlets and key Iraqi and American government offices.

The security deterioration also holds dire implications for the Iraqi government, which uses the Green Zone as a haven for key meetings crucial to its ability to govern.

This might explain why the surge is undergoing another round of augmentation. Who needs porn?

And speaking of Pajamas media, one of the writers, Gerard Van der Leun, seems peeved that the Washington Post is not giving Barak Obama’s pictures the Condi treatment.

Glenn Reynolds, the compassionate conservative, feels his pain.

OBAMA GETS The Glow. With, perhaps, a little help from Photoshop. And not the Condi Rice kind.

Oh whatever happened to the good old days?