Guilty? Me?

As John Howard faces the Cole commission today and will undoubtedly profess ignorance of knowing AWB was paying bribes to Saddam, the mother of all distractions is unleashed:

Asylum-seekers who land on the Australian mainland will face deportation to offshore processing centres under tough new rules to be announced by the Howard Government today.

Expanding its controversial regulations that allow islands to be excised from Australia’s migration zone, John Howard has decided that even those asylum-seekers who make it undetected to the mainland will be denied generous review process under Australian law.

The new rules, signed off by cabinet’s National Security Committee yesterday, mean that any claim for asylum will be processed as if the applicant were in an overseas UN refugee camp, joining the worldwide queue.

The move is designed to stem the flow of asylum-seekers from Papua and mend relations with Jakarta.… 

Australia does indeed have a cancer of unaccountable government.