Hate grows

Poland is currently experiencing a resurgence of the far-right (recently highlighted here.) This latest news is bound to cause concern:

Piotr Farfal has had a stellar career. The 28-year-old Pole is a lawyer. He is also a far-right political activist, a card-carrying right-wing extremist and former editor-in-chief of the Polish skinhead magazine Front, which openly supports anti-Semitism and right-wing extremist violence.

And now he has been appointed as deputy chairman of the board of Poland’s state-run public television. People are wondering how this could have happened – even in a country such as Poland that is going through dramatic social and political change.

Farfal, however, has powerful friends in high places. Among them is the leader of the right-wing League of Polish Families, Roman Giertych, who is also Poland’s deputy prime minister and education minister in the country’s new government. It was Giertych that got Farfal his appointment.…