Have you had your shot of Twitter juice today?

Twitter, the drug of the (largely young and modern) nation:

Britain’s 5.5 million Twitter users are younger than average members of the public, slightly more likely to vote Labour, and distinctly more liberal, according to a survey published today.

They are also more likely to live in London, less likely to live in the north of England, and marginally more likely to belong to a lower social class.

Actor Stephen Fry, a mad Twitter user with over one million followers, said the following at a conference this week:

Twitter is about participating – by which I mean you tweet and read other people’s tweets. Then you understand it, and get its rhythm. But remember: It is about being authentic. These things are human-shaped.

A year ago, nearly no one heard about Twitter. But things move so fast today – and the bewilderment, content, disbelief with which Twitter was greeted. They called it the most banal and pointless waste of time. And do you know what they say now? Now they say: ‘Our Twitter strategy is…’,”.