I’ll have fear with my fries, thanks

UK ranter Melanie Phillips claims Western society is under threat:

“It is a story in which institutions across British society – the judiciary, security circles, the Church of England, the universities, the media – have all been complicit in creating a climate of moral inversion, intellectual confusion and deeply prejudiced irrationality which has allowed clerical fascism progressively to colonise what has become a moral and cultural vacuum.”

A Hebrew University lecturer claims left-wing British academics are obsessed with Jews and Israel. A US feminist and rabid Zionist argues that “we must defeat Jihad“. One could be forgiven for believing our very survival is under threat.

Pack a large lunch and water bottle. The hysterics, bigots and dog-whistlers are playing in a large pit of quick-sand. They’ll be ignored soon enough. After all, who exactly is defining these “Western values”?