Impeach the fool

While enjoying the highlights of successive US Presidents, an interview in Germany has revealed the “most powerless man in the world“:

A man and a woman sit in front of an unlit fireplace in the White House. The woman is Germany’s most well known TV presenter. The man is the most powerful man in the world – or at least that’s how he’s introduced before the interview begins. And yet what we’re shown on German ARD public television Sunday night is really a trans-Atlantic misunderstanding. Sabine Christiansen, who asks George W. Bush about one pressing global issue after another – and who is relatively insistent when it comes to human rights issues – isn’t really talking to the most powerful man in the world at all. In the spring of 2006, one-and-a-half years after Bush’s triumphant re-election, she may in fact be speaking to the most powerless US president of all time.… 

Impeachment time may be coming.