Innocence lost

Those “innocent” now freed Brits may not have been so innocent after all:

Now that the 15 captured British sailors and marines have returned home safely from Iran, the true extent of their mission on the Shatt al-Arab waterway has been revealed.

Just days before they were captured, crew members told Sky News that part of their mission was to gather intelligence on Iran.

The sailors and marines would board Iraqi fishing vessels, acting as a protective force, but during the visits the British would also ask the fisherman about what they’d observed in the area.

The Shatt al-Arab waterway is part of the border with Iran, so the activities of any Iranian vessels were of particular interest to the Navy.

Some of the fisherman had recently told the British forces that the Iranian military was illegally boarding Iraqi boats.… 

Of course, the corporate media’s incessant demonisation of Iran fits into an established pattern, as Noam Chomsky argues.