Iraqi voices

The situation in Iraq is worsening by the day as more evidence emerges of death squads roaming the country. US influence is thankfully waning and average Iraqis are suffering. Blogger Truth About Iraq explains:

This has to be the most corrupted incompetent government ever assembled by US foreign policy. It doesn’t function on so many different levels. But then again, this government was never about governance, but sowing dissent. This dissent was planted in the early days by the Iraq Governing Council and now it is bearing fruit.… 

Iraq Pundit blames the Western media for misunderstanding the situation:

Iraqis have been working hard to avoid a real civil war in the midst of suicide bombings, killings and kidnappings. But the media prefer to ignore these efforts and instead choose to focus on the aggressive acts of Moktada Al Sadr’s gang.

I really hope that these reporters are just as wrong as they have been in the past. Those who have followed the Iraq story carefully might recall that if we were to believe press reports, there would have been no constitution written, there would have been no elections, and the Sunnis would never have joined the government.