Israel is slowly but surely building an army of extremist Jews

There is growing evidence of the disastrous effects of Christian fundamentalism on the US army; “We are doing God’s work by bombing all Muslims”.

In Israel the problem is more severe, with an ever-increasing collection of settlers and Jewish extremists entering the ranks of the IDF:

Profound changes have been occurring in the officer ranks of the Israel Defense Force, and not everybody is happy about them; some, in fact, are downright alarmed. The figures tell the story: back in 1990, kippah-wearing soldiers from the country’s “national-religious” community—that is, religious Jews distinguished by their deep attachment to Zionism, Israeli nationalism, and, in many cases, the settlement enterprise—comprised a mere 2.5 percent of graduates from the army’s course for infantry officers. In 2007, the figure peaked at more than 31 percent, a number totally out of proportion with the number of religious-national soldiers serving in IDF infantry units. Similar changes are said to be happening in elite units and among senior staff.

Don’t believe anybody who says this isn’t a massive issue because far too many Jews in the army ideologically identify with the racist mentality of the settler movement.

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