Israeli who use the Holocaust to make a cheap point

Jewish writer Shraga Elam posts an interesting piece of news about the Israeli mindset:

Below is another example of Israeli bad taste and abuse of the Nazi Judeocide.

The German soccer club FC Bayern Munich played yesterday against the Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and the game was held in Israel.

According to a ynet report in Hebrew the German star Bastian Schweinsteiger was woken up yesterday morning by two “funny” radio moderators, Harel Slutzki and Ofer Dominguez from Radio Kol Harega (Voice of the Minute). They requested from the German player that his team should not push too hard against the Israeli club:

“Please be gentle. 1:0 is enough. Please remember what happened in [the] second [World] War. Whatever you do, don’t do 6:0. That’s a very bad number here”

Schweinsteiger remained polite and laughed embarrassedly. After he hung up, one of the moderators said in Hebrew: Hey Schweinsteiger don’t forget the Shoa”

You can hear the original Radio broadcast in English:

Most of the Israelis who wrote talkbacks were not amused at all, though the ynet reporter found it extremely funny.

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