Israelis may have to avoid their favourite luxury spots

The recent story of Tzipi Livni and her possible arrest in Britain over war crimes continues to play out:

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon on Tuesday met Tuesday with British Attorney General Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland to protest the slew of arrest warrants issued against senior Israeli officials in the United Kingdom.

A delegation of senior Israel Defense Forces officers recently canceled a planned visit to the U.K. for fear they would be arrested upon landing.

The four unidentified officers, holding ranks from major to colonel, are the latest in a string of Israeli politicians and military officials forced to call off travel to Britain over fears of legal prosecution relating to last year’s offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Israeli blogger Coteret writes that the Israeli political and media elites can’t quite believe that the Jewish state may soon have to face some kind of accountability over its actions in Gaza:

The shock and indignation expressed in the article indicates just how difficult it is for the Israeli elite to come to terms with this new reality. This may help explain why there appears to be no coordinated strategy, with a variety of initiatives acting at cross puposes:

  1. Israel announces it will set up a limited internal… investigation… in order to stem the “political and economic tsunami” caused by the Goldstone report.
  2. A European pro-Israel group attempts to use the Goldstone report to indict Hamas leaders in Belgium.
  • Jewish groups in the US support a suspected Somali human rights violator for fear of Israeli war crimes culpability (completely oblivious to the moral price they are exacting from all Jews.)