It’s about time

Can the Australian nation cope with another anti-war, anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-Iraqi traitor? It seems we now have no choice:

The former SAS officer who devised and executed the Iraq war plan for Australia’s special forces says that the nation’s involvement has been a strategic and moral blunder.

Peter Tinley, who was decorated for his military service in Afghanistan and Iraq, has broken ranks to condemn the Howard Government over its handling of the war and has called for an immediate withdrawal of Australian troops.

“It was a cynical use of the Australian Defence Force by the Government,” the ex-SAS operations officer told The Weekend Australian yesterday.

“This war duped the Australian Defence Force and the Australian people in terms of thinking it was in some way legitimate.”

No doubt the Murdoch knives will be out for this disgraceful human being. Unlike our Dear Leader – who never apologises for anything nor actually believes in anything other than blind commitment to whatever party resides in Washington – Tinley has dared to speak out at a time when the Iraq war has taken yet another turn towards complete chaos.