It’s about time

Zionists hate the idea that their ideology will be examined by the general public. As if racial exclusionary doctrine isn’t bad enough – as well as the killing of Palestinian civilians – one Jerusalem Post columnist now resents the fact that [Lobby paper writers] John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt are not being treated as pariahs:

Were all well in American letters these days, Walt and Mearsheimer would have been shunned by intellectual and academic circles following their foray into the land of academic chicanery and bigotry. But far from being shunned, Mearsheimer and Walt have become academic superstars. Just recently they signed a $750,000 book deal with Farrar, Straus and Giroux to author a book-length version of their paper. DVDs featuring their celebrity appearances at an event sponsored by the Council for American Islamic Relations at the National Press Club in September, and their “debate” with dovish and anti-Zionist Jews at Cooper Union are being advertised in The New York Times.

You know what this means? The second Holocaust is nearly upon the Jews. They actually have to explain their blind support for the Jewish state and the ability to justify the killing of innocents. So, today’s US mid-term elections aren’t really about Iraq or the economy or jobs, writes this woman:

Insofar as ethnic group politics are concerned, it may very well be the case that American Jewry has more riding on the results of today’s Congressional elections than any other American ethnic group.

The belief that Jews have the most to lose from today’s election is laughable. The Democrats are just as pro-Israel as the Republicans. What has changed in the last 12 months is the fact that the Zionist lobby is actually being discussed in the open for the first time in living memory.

Israel’s get-out-of-jail-free pass is running out of credit.