Jaipur Literature Festival approaches

Sharing and hearing stories and experiences with a global audience is one of the most satisfying parts of my work.

In that spirit, I’m honoured to be invited to the Jaipur Literature Festival in India that starts later this week. I’m a guest of the festival and will be involved in two major sessions:

Reporting the Occupation
David Finkel, Jon Lee Anderson & Rory Stewart
Moderated by Antony Loewenstein

I Shall Not Hate
Izzeldin Abuelaish in conversation with Antony Loewenstein

Finkel is a Washington Post journalist, Anderson works for the New Yorker and Stewart is an academic, commentator and former British official in Iraq.

Abuelaish is a Palestinian doctor who tragically lost daughters during Israel’s attack on Gaza in 2009.

It’ll be a week of connections, challenges and fun in one of the most exciting nations on earth.

Stay tuned.

PS. Posting may be light in the next day/s while in transit.