Jewish racist nation

As Israel continues its apartheid policies in the occupied territories, the raw, unvarnished truth about Israeli society is revealed:

A Haifa University survey investigating Arabs and Jews’ views on one another reveals disturbing results.

The poll showed that 75 percent of Jewish students believe that Arabs are uneducated people, are uncivilized and are unclean.

On the other hand 25 percent of the Arab youth believe that Jews are the uneducated ones, while 57 percent of the Arab’s believe Jews are unclean.

Over a third of the Jewish students taking part in the survey confirmed that they are afraid of Arabs.

The poll was conducted by Dr. Haggai Kupermintz, Dr. Yigal Rosen and Harbi Hasaisi of Haifa University’s Center for Research on Peace Education.

The data was presented at a bi-lingual conference held in Haifa. The study, titled “Perception of ‘the Other’ amongst Jewish and Arab Youth in Israel” included 1,600 students studying in 22 high schools around the country.

“We have found a serious expression of stereotypical thinking on the Jewish students’ part regarding the Arab youth,” said Dr. Kupermintz, who pointed out that 69 percent of the Jewish students think that Arabs are not smart.

These results should come as no surprise. Last year we discovered that the majority of Israeli didn’t want Arabs as neighbours. Decades of conflict have left the Israeli population largely ignorant of their Arab neighbours and virulently racist towards them.