Jews fearful of other Jews not saluting Zionist flag nightly

Here’s yet another tale of dissenting Jewish opinion being quashed by a Zionist establishment that simply won’t tolerate any criticism of glorious Israel:

For the second time in just six months, the City University of New York has become embroiled in scandal over the politics of the Israel-Palestine conflict. This week, the CUNY board of trustees blocked an attempt by one of its member colleges to award an honorary degree to the celebrated playwright Tony Kushner, who is also a prominent Jewish critic of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

A request by John Jay College to award Kushner an honorary degree was tabled on Monday night after one CUNY board member criticized — and, Kushner argues, distorted — the playwright’s past statements on Israel. That effectively killed the honor, at least for this year, because the board isn’t scheduled to meet again until after graduation in June.

In an interview today, Kushner told me he is asking for an apology after the “unprecedented and pretty ugly experience.” He also blasted the board for indulging in “McCarthyite nonsense.” Kushner sent a strongly worded letter to the CUNY board outlining his views on Israel and asking why he was not given a chance to respond at the meeting Monday night.