Let them fight each other

The Hamas coup against Fatah in Gaza earlier in the year has often been portrayed as a vicious assault on democracy. In fact, the opposite is probably true. More evidence has now emerged that seems to prove the real agenda behind the event:

For those who peddle the view that the Hamas coup in Gaza was unprovoked, this is embarrassing. As Ma’ariv explains “Abu Mazen instructed his general: ”˜Slaughter them.’”

Amit Cohen reports: “The clip apparently shows a meeting in Abu-Mazen’s office in Gaza in which members of the preventive security force identified with Muhammad Dahlan participated. Upon meeting the older gentleman dressed in black uniform, Abu Mazen asks him : “Are you the head of the preventive security force?” When the answer is in the affirmative Abu-Mazen says one word: “Slaughter [them].”

Cohen does not have a problem in guessing who the target was – Hamas.