Liberals deserve death (at the very least)

Republican clown Tom Delay – a man with a fondness for corruption – has just released a book (what, the man can write and embezzle funds at the same time?) During his book tour, virtually nobody seems to have noticed this shameful passage:

“I believe it was Adolf Hitler who first acknowledged that the big lie is more effective than the little lie, because the big lie is so audacious, such an astonishing immorality, that people have a hard time believing anyone would say it if it wasn’t true. You know, the big lie — like the Holocaust never happened or dark-skinned people are less intelligent than light-skinned people. Well, by charging this big lie” — that DeLay violated campaign-finance laws in Texas — “liberals have finally joined the ranks of scoundrels like Hitler.”

Actually, it’s just pathetic (like most Bush clones these days.) But I thought Bin Laden was Hitler? Or Yasser Arafat? Or Saddam?

Of course, De Lay is correct. “Liberals” are worse than Hitler and should, in all fairness, be placed in ovens before the 2008 US Presidential election.