Little sympathy required

A side of the Jewish state all-too-rarely glimpsed in the West:

A Jewish rabbi living in the West Bank has called on the Israeli government to use their troops to kill all Palestinian males more than 13 years old in a bid to end Palestinian presence on this earth.

Extremist rabbi Yousef Falay, who dwells at the Yitzhar settlement on illegally seized Palestinian land in the northern part of the West Bank, wrote an article in a Zionist magazine under the title “Ways of War”, in which he called for the killing of all Palestinian males refusing to flee their country, describing his idea as the practical way to ensure the non-existence of the Palestinian race.

“We have to make sure that no Palestinian individual remains under our occupation. If they (Palestinians) escape then it is good; but if anyone of them remains, then he should be exterminated”, the fanatic rabbi added in his article.… 

Israel has created a trap from which it can never truly escape. The occupation of the West Bank has produced thousands of fanatical Jews, hell-bent on never leaving the land, despite the necessity for doing so. The result – when international pressure becomes too great and Israel must evacuate all the illegal settlements on occupied land – will be civil war.

Israel and its blind Zionist supporters will only have themselves to blame.