Losing the argument (by mentioning Hitler)

Following last weekend’s diatribe against dissenting Jews and Arabs by Israeli/American writer Naomi Ragen in the Sydney Morning Herald – more information here, including her attack on me – a Sydney friend emailed her to support me and ask why she felt she had the right to slander somebody she had never met. This was her reply:

Dear ***,

I’m afraid I must disagree with you, as honourably as possible. I have never met Mr. Loewenstein, and if my luck holds out, I hope that continues.

As a Jew, an Israeli, a relative of survivors, and a person to whom human rights and decency are of the utmost importance, I find Mr. Loewenstein’s views, as expressed on his website (I have no intention of reading an entire book filled with such despicable lies) obscene.…  Anyone who calls Mr. Kuntar an “alleged terrorist”; anyone who can’t see the difference between terrorism that murders little girls in shopping malls, and Israeli commando raids on terrorist bomb factories, anyone who swallows whole the racist propaganda of despots and mass murderers, is either deliberately dishonest, ignorant, a moral idiot, or a sick anti Semite.…  At least, this is what it seems to me from the vantage point of my own facts and almost 40 years living side by side with Palestinians.…  I’d venture Mr. Loewenstein is all four, but I might be wrong. In any case, the fact that he voices these views in the guise of being a Jew and a person “concerned” about the fate of the Jewish state, is disingenuous and degrading. Like Jews for Hitler.

Naomi Ragen

Words fail. And this woman is regarded as a leading light of the Jewish community?

This is what militant Zionism has created, spewing bile in every direction.