Making the case for attacking Iran

In spite of the fact that every rationale being drummed up for attacking Iran continues to fall flat on its face, it seems nothing will stop them from continuing to lie.

For many countries, the threat of nuclear annihilation is a theoretical issue. For Israel, the threat of nuclear attack is real, palpable, a true possibility. Of all the countries plotting the demise of the Jewish State, the country that is planning to use nuclear power as the weapon of choice is, of course, Iran. Which leads to an all-important, non-theoretical, set of questions.

Will Israel strike Iran?

Though there is no evidence whatsoever that Iran has any program to develop nuclear weapons, such fanatics will continue to insist otherwise. The CIA, IAEA and even the head of the Mossad have said that Iran is a decade way from developing nuclear weapons. As former UNSCOM weapons inspector, Scott Ritter points out, nuclear weapons programs are typically 5-10 years long. In other words, what the CIA, IAEA and Mossad are saying, is that the Iranians haven’t even started.