Name-calling by the blind

Following my debate last week on SBS Television regarding Israel/Palestine and the death of American peace activist Rachel Corrie, the following comment was left on the program’s website by Melbourne-based Jewish writer, Philip Mendes:

Rachel Corrie’s death is no more or less tragic than the deaths of many Israelis and Palestinians in this horrendous conflict. It is unfortunate that some of your contributors wish to use her death to promote further hate and violence against one side. It is worth noting that the ISM which organized Rachel’s involvement is not a pro-peace or pro-compromise group. Whilst the ISM may favour non-violent rather than violent “resistance” to the Israeli occupation, it does not support a two-state solution. Rather, it favours the elimination of Israel and its replacement by an Arab State of Greater Palestine. Hence it is part of the problem, not the solution. I would also point out to Alex from Perth that Bren Carlile from AIJAC is not Jewish. He is actually a Christian Zionist. And Antony – despite his Jewish background – is probably the chief pro-Palestinian propagandist in this country.

The rules of the games explained. Supporting Palestinian rights (and being critical of Israel and its occupation) makes me a “propagandist”. Supporting Israel would make me balanced and rational. Talking about the two-state “solution” for decades, as Mendes continually claims he has, makes him a good Zionist, a figure to be warmly welcomed into the mainstream Jewish community.

One day soon people like Mendes will wake up to find that their two-state dream is no longer possible, the hundreds of thousands of illegal Jewish settlers on Palestinian land unwilling or unable to be moved. Then what?

I’m pro-human rights, not pro-anything or anybody.

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