No talks, no peace, only occupation, welcome to Israel

Israeli paper Maariv’s Ben Caspit on who is really running the Middle East show.

Netanyahu can take comfort in the fact that Abu Mazen’s situation is much worse than his own.…  At least at the present stage.…  The Palestinian version that Netanyahu is playing a double game and actually wishes to eliminate Abu Mazen is taking hold in Washington as well.…  Saeb Erekat has said in the past few days on more than one occasion, that since the grotesque three-way summit in New York he tried at least three times to arrange a meeting with Uzi Arad, and was turned down time after time.…  The rejection on Arad’s part was not personal, it was system-wide.…  Apparently, Netanyahu’s people are simply not interested.…  Publicly, they call to start negotiations without preconditions, but discreetly, they thwart any attempt to hold such negotiations.…  As of now, they are succeeding.