Playing games with the “other”

So much for Hamas being full of only terrorists, hard-liners and rejectionists:

Hamas leader and Palestinian prime minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh told a U.S. television station Thursday that he has never personally ordered a terrorist action against Israel and that he hopes to ultimately reach a peace deal with Israel.

“I’ve never sent anyone on a suicide mission,” he told CBS News. “If one of my sons came to me and asked me that, I wouldn’t even consider giving him my blessing.”

CBS quoted Israeli officials as saying they have no evidence connecting Haniyeh to any terror attacks. However, Haniyeh is a senior official in Hamas, which has ordered many terror attacks, is responsible for scores of Israeli deaths and pledges to destroy Israel.

The history of Hamas is well-known, and these words should be treated with caution. Equally, however, many Israeli leaders and ministers have launched terror attacks against Palestinians. Of course, these “security” measures just happened to kill civilians in the way of tanks, bombs and occupation.

Furthermore, Israel has refused to talk with Hamas, threatened to murder its leaders, including Haniyeh, and labelled the Palestinian Authority a “terror state.” Who is serious about peace?