Provoking trouble on the Lebanese side

Israel continues to meddle inside Lebanese territory, a violation of international law:

The detonation of Israeli surveillance devices near the southern village of Houla represent a success for Israel against archenemy Hizbullah, while also raising pressure on the Shiite group and further eroding the security situation in south Lebanon, a number of analysts told The Daily Star on Wednesday.

Two electronic listening devices planted near the Israel-Lebanon border self-destructed last weekend as people approached, while the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) destroyed a third article of espionage equipment. The existence of sophisticated Israeli spy technology inside Lebanon, albeit uncovered, still signifies a victory for the Jewish state in its struggle against Hizbullah, said retired General Elias Hanna, who teaches political science.

“A small breach is a success,” he said. “Even if it’s a minor breach, it’s a success.”

This is therefore unsurprising:

The Lebanese President, Michel Suleiman, accused Israel on Tuesday of spying on his country in violation of a United Nations peace resolution.

“There is a difference between spying carried out by people who have been detected and detained, and detectors and spying equipment which have been found during last week,” he told reporters in Spain where he is on a state visit.

“These spy networks discovered on Sunday, in means of spying, are a clear violation by Israel of the UN Resolution 1701, even more so than Israel routine violation of Lebanese airspace.” The president added.

Hezbollah, who discovered a spying device on a cable between the villages of Mays and Jebel, said that they were installed by Israel after the summer 2006 war. While the UN reported that, they were place during the July 2006 war.