Respect those who steal your land

US Vice-President Dick Cheney views the Iraq war as an “enormous success” (shame about those hundreds of thousands dead Iraqis, but hey, “liberation” wasn’t meant to be easy) and Australian Prime Minister John Howard justifies our country’s continued involvement in the most comical way imaginable (“I mean you either stay or you go, you either rat on the ally or you don’t”).

Of course, if you’re James Woolsey, former director of the CIA, you believe that Palestinians are really just dogs with no humanity or decency:

“An Arab Muslim living in Jaffa enjoys freedom of speech, religion, and expression, and can vote for his representatives in the Knesset, and doesn’t go to sleep worrying that some government element might come and kill him. I think that once the Palestinians start treating Jewish settlers with that same degree of humanity – and they’re very, very far from doing that now – at that point I think we have to seriously consider how they could have some degree of self-governing. I won’t get into the question of borders, but what I think is that the Palestinians must be held to the same standards as Israel regarding how they treat the other. I am sure this will be many decades from now, though, because their children are taught the Wahhabi doctrine of being suicide bombers and the like.”… 

Jewish settlers should be treated with respect? It’s really hard to imagine why the US is vigorously despised throughout the region.