The Empire’s strike back – last preparations

Robert Fisk asks how a politician who has failed in everything he has tried his hand at in the Middle East could be considered as an envoy .

Can this really be true? I had always assumed that Balfour, Sykes and Picot were the epitome of Middle Eastern hubris. But Blair? That this ex-prime minister, this man who took his country into the sands of Iraq, should actually believe that he has a role in the region – he whose own preposterous envoy, Lord Levy, made so many secret trips there to absolutely no avail – is now going to sully his hands (and, I fear, our lives) in the world’s last colonial war is simply overwhelming.

The Vineyard speculates on Israel and America’s plans to take back Gaza.

First, the Empire is sending a poodle version of Darth Vadar, Tony Blair, as a Middle-East envoy. So much for the “negotiations” which, one would presume, will be between Abbas, Dahlan, Olmert and Netanyahu (or somebody equally acceptable to the Imperial High Command).

Second, the Imperial High Command abducts the most moderate Hamas leader who was attempting to bring the two Palestinian factions together.

Third, Imperial Stooges will be briefed on Monday about the Imperial plan to retake Gaza. The Palestinian Pundit has provided a translated summary of this plan as reported by Al-Akhbar, a reputable Lebanese newspaper:

Clearly, Abbas has been upgraded from “irrelevant entity” to main ally in the war on terror, sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people, moderate voice for democracy and peace and, last and not least, most dedicated friend of the Empire. Any disagreeing Palestinian will henceforth be considered as a “terrorist”.

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