The violent source

As civil strife grips Gaza and Hamas and Fatah continue feuding, a spokesman for the Izzedin al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ armed wing, explains the real reason behind the bloodshed:

The aim of the Americans in supporting forces loyal to Abbas is to create civil strife. Washington wants the presidential guard to confront the Palestinian resistance that is headed by Hamas. Hamas is the main backbone of the resistance. Once Hamas is stopped, the resistance will end. So by strengthening the presidential guard now, the Americans will one day ask them to confront the Palestinian resistance in return. If the US is interested in supporting the Palestinians, why doesn’t it help reform the security apparatuses to fight the security chaos? Why not rebuild security institutions instead of only supporting Abbas? Today the Americans will give them money and weapons and tomorrow they will ask them to pay their due and fight the Palestinian resistance headed by Hamas.

Internal Palestinian strife is being flamed by the Americans, in the vein hope that Hamas will be unseated and Fatah arise triumphant. It’s wishful thinking, of course, and destined to fail. But what’s a few more dead Palestinians between friends?