This will help

Amir Oren subscribes to the “let’s murder all Israel’s enemies” theory:

Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is threatening Israel, a “ticking atomic bomb?” Is the decision of the ministerial committee on security – on the day after the terror attack on the Rosh Ha’ir Restaurant in Tel Aviv, to deny Israeli residency to East Jerusalemites who represent Hamas in the Palestinian Legislative Council – a meaningless and stupid decision, which is how it looks, or is it a far-sighted decision that lays the foundation for a further move? Is there a connection between the two issues?

Such a connection is indeed possible and it can be summarized as “targeted killing.” An Israeli assassination attempt on Ahmadinejad is an alternative that seems more and more reasonable with the acceleration of his threats to wipe the state of Israel off the face of the earth. The seemingly marginal question of giving senior Hamas people in Jerusalem the ultimatum of either resigning or leaving could influence the implementation of the idea that is making headway among the top echelons of the security establishment – to strike at all the members of Hamas in the Palestinian government, as those responsible for the non-prevention of murderous terror attacks.… 

Do these people learn nothing from history?