Time for a hand-over

As usual, the public is far more intelligent than the politicians:

The British public has become increasingly cool towards American policy and critical of its role in the world after the sustained violence in Iraq.

A Populus opinion poll in The Times indicates that fewer than half the public believe that America is a force for good in the world, and nearly two thirds believe that Britain’s future lies more with Europe than with the US.

There is also evidence of a longer-term shift in views about the US. However, while President Bush and his Administration remain unpopular in Britain, Americans as a people remain popular.… 

It must have been difficult for a Murdoch paper to print this result:

Equally striking is that Britons are evenly divided (44 to 45 per cent) about whether “America is a force for good in the world”. This reveals the extent of the cooling in attitudes towards the policies of the US Government.… 

Not unlike recent results in Australia, the general public is slowly realising that the age of the US empire is coming to a close.

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