Tough love

Supporting the troops is the unrelenting catch phrase of the war party, yet the war party continues to behave like an abusive parent towards the troops:

TWO Australian soldiers who served in the first Iraq war have tested positive to depleted uranium (DU) contamination despite assurances from the Federal Government they had not been exposed, an anti-nuclear group said today.

Of course, warnings about the side effects of exposure to depleted uranium are nothing new, but the damage is exacerbated by the fact that governments either insist that the particulates are harmless, or they deny that symptoms experienced by affected veterans are related to exposure.

The abuse doesn’t end there.

A new scandal is emerging related to an anthrax vaccine administered to troops despite suspicions of adverse side effects.

Documents obtained by RAW STORY, including a participant’s agreement, case history and government documents, show that military medical personnel have known since at least 1998 that there are genetic triggers between illnesses and some required immunizations, including the anthrax vaccine. They also reveal the military knew and did not implement routine pre-screening which could help reduce vaccine-related illnesses.

With support like this, who needs enemies?