Two faces, one reality

Why do so many Jews insist, in Israel’s supposed best interests, that any potential US President believes in every position taken by the Israeli government?

Barack Obama, you’ve failed yet again.

Jewish paranoia is a most unattractive trait (especially when it’s totally unwarranted.)

Subservience to another country is hard to fathom here in Cuba. Sure, the Soviets used to support Castro, and now Chavez has unofficially replaced them, but it’s hardly the same thing. The longer I stay here, the more I note the growing fascination with Israel (I’ve spent time with Havana’s Jewish community, but more on this soon.)

In fact, although the regime is utterly opposed to the actions of Israel – mainly to be against the US and to show solidarity with the Palestinians – the country remains in fact close to the Jewish state, and always has been. One face for the public, and another for pragmatism.