Washington and Israel preparing to bomb Iran (to peace, of course)

The Wikileaks revelations just keep on coming, this time from Aftenposten.

Barack Obama wanting to assist Israel strike Iran? Yes (via Richard Silverstein):

Wikileaks cable describes a November, 2009 meeting between a high-level delegation of Israeli and American political, military and intelligence operatives. … On the agenda was the U.S. delivery of 100 bunker-buster bombs to Israel meant to be used to assault Iran’s fortified nuclear facilities. … Those attending the meeting urged:

“”¦That deliveries should take place in silence so that we could avoid allegations that the U.S. government was helping Israel to prepare for an attack on Iran, “the document noted”¦

“From the discussion in the leaked document originating from the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, it seems that the Israelis have obtained the bombs, by all accounts [approximately] 100, to break the Iranian nuclear program, the day they were to become necessary.”