What, you don’t like beach and sun?

Israel as a land of occupation, fascism and discrimination? Think again:

By the end of this year, Israel will have a new international image, if the Foreign Ministry’s rebranding project is successful. The British firm Acanchi, which the ministry hired to craft the new image, is now in the final stages of preparing to launch the new brand.

Fiona Gilmore, Acanchi’s founder and a leading expert in rebranding countries and cities, toured the country last week and met with a wide range of Israelis – public figures, businessmen, academics and activists in various causes. Her mission is to create a brand disconnected from the Arab-Israeli conflict that focuses instead on Israel’s scientific and cultural achievements.

The conclusion is that it is more important for Israel to be attractive than to be right”, says the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Being “attractive” presumably means white-washing the ever-growing number of Jewish settlers who believe in killing Arabs.

No, much more important to highlight the Jewish state’s wine industry.