When war breaks out

One has to wonder why it is that not a week goes by without Israel publicly proclaiming that it is either ready for war, or expects one to happen in the near future. Certainly there is a degree of posturing involved, but even that becomes ineffective when done too many times.

The general said that when war breaks out, Syria will be prepared to suffer mass military and civilian casualties, while at the same time playing on Israel’s sensitivity to civilian losses by striking Israel’s home front with as many missiles as possible.

Syria “will try to hit Israel’s home front in order to win diplomatic gains in peace talks that will follow, and also cause another split in Israeli society,” Israel National News quoted Ben-Reuven as saying.

Notice the deft use of the canard about war breaking out? Wars don’t break out, they are started, but as the saying goes, truth is the first casualty of war.…  Knowing it cannot defeat Israel…  militarily,…  Syria stands to gain nothing from a confrontation with Israel,…  so that leaves Israel as the protagonist.