Why our commentator class love to love war

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald rightly concludes that the responsibility-free media class that advocates “for more wars that never touch their lives” should be treated with the contempt they deserve (while, in contrast, somebody like Howard Zinn, who opposed wars, is side-lined or even ignored by the mainstream):

I’m periodically criticized for an… “angry” tone in my writing, which I… always find mystifying. … I genuinely don’t understand why anger should be avoided or even how it could be.…  What other reaction is possible when one looks around and sees the government leaders who committed these grave crimes completely unburdened by any accountability and treated as respectable dignitaries, or watches the Tom Friedmans, Jeffrey Goldbergs, Fred Hiatts and other unrepentent leading media propagandists who helped enable it still feted as Serious and honest experts, or beholds the current Cabinet and Senate filled with people who supported it, or observes the Michael O’Hanlons and Les… Gelbs and other Foreign Policy Community luminaries who lent trans-partisan credence to it all continue to traipse around still pompously advocating for more wars that never touch their lives?

A few months ago, I did an MSNBC… segment with Dan Senor, who is currently a Fox News contributor, author of a new book hailing the greatness of Israeli innovations, a recent addition to the Council on Foreign Relations, and husband of CNN… anchor Campbell Brown.…  But back in 2003 and 2004, he was Chief… Spokesman for the… “Coalition Provisional Authority”… in Iraq — the U.S. occupying force in that country.…  Sitting in the green room with him before the segment, I… was really disgusted by the paradox that one is supposed to treat him as just some random political adversary deserving of standard civility, respect and respectability — in other words, a Decent… Person is supposed to forget that he was an official who enabled and lied about some of the most monstrous acts of the last many years and is wholly unrepentent.…  And, of course, he was going on MSNBC that day to opine about our current foreign policy options:…  direct involvement in this horrific crime is no disqualifying factor; it’s not even a black mark against someone’s credibility and reputation.