Zionist lobbyist just wants an Israel that changes nothing

A Zionist lobbyist in Australia whinges about being under any media spotlight. The poor dear. Frankly, the media should be far more inquisitive about his actions, his relationship with the current Labor government and what kind of Israel he really wants (perhaps he’d like to be asked his views on the settler movement and Jewish fundamentalism. Silence, of course):

Albert Dadon says he told Tim Mathieson to resign from a sales job at his property firm as soon as Julia Gillard became Prime Minister.

The prominent property developer and political fundraiser, who has been criticised for his close ties with the Labor Party, denies Mr Mathieson left his firm because of any potential conflict of interest.

He said instead Ms Gillard’s partner left to avoid any “unfair” targeting by The Age after the newspaper reported that Mr Mathieson had been working for Mr Dadon at his Melbourne firm.

The businessman, who also has close ties to the Jewish community and established the Australia-Israel Leadership Forum, said The Age had portrayed him and the relationship he had with Labor unfairly.

“I gave Tim the advice to resign as soon as it was clear Julia would be the next Prime Minister,” he told The Australian.

“Not because there was any conflict of interest that would result by his employment in my company, but simply because The Age made sure that employing a bloke who is the partner of the PM is a controversy, given my non-for-profit activities and in particular my advocacy for a strong bilateral relation between Israel and Australia.”

He said he raised money for both Liberal and Labor during the election — a “small amount” of $30,00 to $50,000 — and was not getting favours from either the state or federal Labor government.

Mr Dadon said he met Mr Mathieson at a function with Ms Gillard three years ago and they had formed a friendship.

He said he had advised his friend on a number of things, including whether he should take on the men’s health ambassador role.