The democratic challenge faced by vulture capitalism: Naomi Klein shows why

The brilliant Naomi Klein (another recent talk of hers here) talking about capitalism, climate change, the challenge for democracy and vulture capitalism (all the subjects of my forthcoming book and film):

See here for a fascinating new campaign, with Klein involved, called Do the Maths about holding energy polluters to account through boycotts, divestment and sanctions. Yes, what worked against apartheid South Africa and is currently targeting Israel.

  • libertus

    The hell with denial, Damn right Naomi let us not go for the cloth but rather the BULL.
    Wars & climate denial they've done it again the 1%.
    Putting a shtick in the republican chariote of denial may help just for a minute or two to raise global climate consciousness but we have our OWN Mit Romney & backers in this part of the world.