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“Not In My Name” documentary on dissenting Judaism

“Not In My Name” documentary on dissenting Judaism

Not In My Name is the new film by Brietta Hague which broadcast on Australia’s ABC TV Compass program in May 2024 (Australian viewers can watch here and international audiences here). For overseas readers, ABC is the Australian equivalent of the BBC. The film is about Jewish dissent, my life and work, my journalism, family background, Jewish…

Al Jazeera English documentary, Under the Cover of Covid

This is our new film on Al Jazeera English for the People and Power documentary strand: a global investigation into the serious threats to civil liberties and free speech during Covid-19. Made with great UK film maker Dan Davies (of Black Leaf Films), we show how governments across the globe, focusing on Singapore, Israel, the UK and…

The Conspiracy Virus podcast

Conspiracy theories have existed forever. In the modern age, think of the supposedly fake moon landing or 9/11 being an inside job (hint: it wasn’t). I’ve spent much of this year working with journalist Olivia Rosenman on a podcast series, The Conspiracy Virus, which has just been released by one of Australia’s biggest media outlets,…

Disaster capitalism in the age of Covid-19

My 2018 film, Disaster Capitalism, investigates the reality of privatised forces in Afghanistan, Haiti and Papua New Guinea. Last week, the film’s co-producers, Media Stockade, hosted me in a public conversation/Q&A about the film, my book of the same name and how disaster capitalists are exploiting the current Covid-19 moment:

Disaster Capitalism film now on Vimeo

My 2018 documentary, Disaster Capitalism, continues to resonate. I’ll be speaking about its ongoing importance, and how disaster capitalism is surging during Covid-19, at an online event on 3 September. The film is already available on multiple streaming platforms and can now be rented and bought on Vimeo: Disaster Capitalism from Media Stockade on Vimeo.

Disaster Capitalism film now streaming on multiple, global platforms

My 2018 documentary, Disaster Capitalism, on people, companies and governments making money from misery in Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Haiti and the US, is available to stream on multiple, global platforms. The film is directed by Thor Neureiter, produced by Media Stockade and written/produced by me. Watch the film on Amazon Prime in the US, Australia,…

Al Jazeera English documentary broadcast, West Africa’s Opioid Crisis

Al Jazeera English has just broadcast my documentary, West Africa’s Opioid Crisis, made with South African film-maker Naashon Zalk. Commissioned by the global network’s leading documentary program, People and Power, this was a 9-month investigation in Nigeria and beyond into the devastating effects of the addictive opioid drug tramadol: West Africa – and particularly its…

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