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New York’s News Beat interrogates the Palestine lab

New York’s News Beat interrogates the Palestine lab

In 2021, I was interviewed by the great New York-based podcast, News Beat, about my work around disaster capitalism. Now, after my book, The Palestine Laboratory, the Hamas attack on 7 October and the Israeli response, I’ve been invited back: We consider “The Palestine Laboratory” required reading for anyone craving the critical, critical context at…

TRT World’s The Newsmakers on After Zionism

After Zionism is my recently released edited collection on the one-state solution for Israel and Palestine (co-edited with Palestinian Ahmed Moor). I was interviewed about the book and its themes on global broadcaster TRT World’s The Newsmakers program. The segment starts at 17:12.

Big Brother surrounds the Levant

The Malcolm H. Kerr Carnegie Middle East Centre, based in Beirut, Lebanon, is a think-tank analysing events in the Middle East and North Africa. I was interviewed by Michael Young about my book, The Palestine Laboratory.

Talking Israel/Palestine post 7 October in Bali, Indonesia

I was recently a guest at the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival in Bali, Indonesia. One of my sessions, to a packed house, was discussing Israel/Palestine post 7 October. Here’s the official description: Hear from Middle East experts Michael Vatikiotis and Antony Loewenstein as they shed light on a relentless and deadly conflict that has…

Al Jazeera documentary on surging violence in the West Bank

Aside from the horrific reality in Gaza since 7 October 2023, there’s been a surge in settler and solider-led violence in the occupied West Bank. Al Jazeera English made a film about this situation and interviewed me about the facts on the ground, having reported from the West Bank for nearly 20 years, and the…

The invaluable role played by whistleblowers

John Kiriakou is a former CIA intelligence officer who became a whistle-blower, revealing the agency’s use of torture post 9/11. He now hosts a TV program, The Whistleblowers, and recently interviewed me about my book, The Palestine Laboratory. It broadcast around the world. The Palestine Laboratory – How Israel Exports the technology of occupation around…

The Kashmir Times on the Palestine lab

In my book, The Palestine Laboratory, I examine the impact of Israeli and Indian policies on Muslim-majority Kashmir. I partly explain this through an interview with the editor of the Kashmir Times, Anuradha Bhasin. She recently interviewed me about my book and the events of 7 October.

Melbourne’s Triple R radio interview on Australia’s failure to push for Gaza ceasefire

Melbourne’s Triple R radio interview on Australia’s failure to push for Gaza ceasefire

My recent interview with Melbourne’s great independent radio station, Triple R: Independent journalist Antony Loewenstein (author of The Palestine Laboratory) returns to The Grapevine to speak with guest host Judith Peppard. They cover the latest developments in Gaza since Antony’s previous conversation with Dylan Bird two weeks prior, including Australia’s Government abstaining from a United…

Democracy Now! interview on Israel live-testing weapons in Gaza

I spoke to US show Democracy Now! about the events since the 7 October attack by Hamas on Israel, Western arms sales to Israel and how Israel is live-testing weapons on Gaza for potential foreign sales: Worldwide protests calling for a ceasefire are drawing attention to the role of weapons manufacturers and distributors supplying machinery…

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