isnt it amazing how when isreal defends itself or tries to prevent more genicide all the jew hating anti semites crawl out of the woodwork . when the arabs fire rockets in to isreal from gaza into jeruselem killing innocent civilians not a word of reproach ever appears in print saying the arabs are to blame when arab mothors if you can refer to them as such intice and teach there 10 and 12 year old children to strap on a bomb and walk in to a crowded square with jews and blow themselves up along with innocent people not a word is uttered in defence of the jews its only when incidents like the present one occure that mention is made by a bunch of jew hating bastards . do you ever see them reproaching the filthy arab population for beheading innocent people who they judge as inferior or infidels because they arent muslims worshiping allah and what about our cow.

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