There was a time in 1948 when jewish settlers reached out to the Arabim regarding water rights. The sentiment of the arab population, then as now, was to push the jews to the sea and exterminate every last one of them. This was helped along by the Brits in their occupation of the land, but that is a different story. I am sorry not to have a name to place with the original comment posted in 2009, but it is interesting that the opinion formed is one based on a “visit” to Israel. Try living there, you ignorant and opinionated shitbird. A trip to a courtroom on your way back to the King David Hotel is not quite the same as living with the division on a daily basis. You have conveniently violated all the tenets of objective journalism with your slice of life commentary. Bravo. I would slap you with your Bar Mitzvah pictures if I could.

Outside of the Orthadoxim, who are a definite minority in Jewish culture and belief within the state of Israel, God and his directive that the Jews should have Israel is of little concern to most of the State’s residents. We were given control in 1948 after a very uncomfortable period in Europe. We were promptly attacked after efforts of making peace by multiple countries. Our families and children were in the line of fire. I was in Jerusalem during the uprising in 2000 and our children were still in the firing line. Whine from a distance, if that is all you can do. Call it unfair that the poor palestinians who shoot home made rockets at Sederot do not have the same rights as their Jewish targets. Please go and study your history books. What would you have us do? Would you put your own children at risk? Raise them as Arab? If your child’s school was being attacked by rocket fire would you defend the enemy? They would not be the enemy if they did not choose to fight us. Go live in the Arab quarter of Jeruslaem as I have and write again. Until then, I wish you a second circumcision. David Robert Adler. Israeli Citizen since 1999.

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