Dear Sir:

For a guy with a Jewish last name (No, I’m not profiling you), you seem to appear sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. That’s your right, of course, but I have difficulty understanding why/how a person of Jewish heritage (unless that’s a pseudonym) could even think of giving land back that was won in the “67 war. To do so would make Israel’s borders indefensible. As a Christian (not a fanatic), I believe the Scriptures which clearly state the borders of the Promised Land. They include all of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza and more. (Genesis 15:18—21) The land was given to Israel in an “everlasting covenant.” (Gen. 17:7—8) It’s eternal, and will never change. Now, that’s a heritage! No offense meant. Just wanted to share. You can block me on Twitter if you wish.


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