Michael Sultana

You low bastard. Hamas fires rockets into Israel by the thousands and they are expected to sit on their hands and do nothing ? Hamas and other terrorist groups have made it their life long ambition to kill Jews. Simple enough. What part of that can’t you get your smal brain around ?

Giving Palestinians Gaza or the West bank to control will not stop anything. The only reasons Israel there is to prevent attacks. You simple simple fool.

Maybe you should sit down and talk with some Jews face to face you gutless squib. You mean nothing, your opinion means nothing and the sooner you shut up the better because talk is cheap my friend and you talk way too much for someone who has never walked the walk.

I wish you lived next door to me and allowed someone to terrify my mine from over your fence because I would burn you and yours to the ground…….fucken smart arse. Go on, show some guts, confront some jews face to face and repeat what you said you nobody……

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