How to Sell a Massacre book launch

Back in 2019, Al Jazeera English released a stunning 3-year long investigation into the National Rifle Association (NRA) and Australia’s One Nation political party, How to Sell a Massacre. The journalist behind the story, Peter Charley, has written a fine book about it and I recently interviewed him at a (virtual) book launch.

Disaster Capitalism film now on Vimeo

My 2018 documentary, Disaster Capitalism, continues to resonate. I’ll be speaking about its ongoing importance, and how disaster capitalism is surging during Covid-19, at an online event on 3 September. The film is already available on multiple streaming platforms and can now be rented and bought on Vimeo: Disaster Capitalism from Media Stockade on Vimeo.

Covid-19 welcomes disaster capitalists

I recently spoke at Virtual Progress 2020, a conference on civil rights and progressive politics. I talked about disaster capitalism. I was then interviewed by Australian outlet Right Now about these issues. Sarah Joseph conducted the interview: Antony Loewenstein has spent the past decade following corporations around the world, examining how they cash in on…

LSE tackles Pills, Power and Smoke

Happy to see another (relatively positive) book review of my latest book, Pills, Powder and Smoke: Inside the Bloody War on Drugs, just published in the London School of Economics by Alessandro Ford. The book was released in the UK in late 2019 so it’s pleasing to see it still being discussed (after all, the…