This section is a collection of the correspondence I receive.

For the record, I only publish the most vile/challenging/hilarious mail here. Rest assured, I also receive many supportive messages.

From Gustavo Reider

February 10, 2024




You want to earn some dirty money by defaming the Jewish people. This is how you deserve to go, that the curse of God falls on you and yours.


From Michael English

December 5, 2023

You are just another self promoting murdering Jew.

From Garri Eremeev

November 17, 2023

Do you think,you good guy?You moron.You didn’t say any word,what you feeling,what happened in Israel.You betrayed your nation.

From Omer Tadjer

November 15, 2023

I’m wondering how much you’re begin paid by Al-Jazeera for spreading these lies about Israel and the IDF. I hope it’s worth it.

Reporting from the other side of the world, collaborating with Hamas’s PR arm (Al- Jazeera), and voicing absolute lies about what the IDF is doing, just to entice the entire Arab world against Israel.
Not even mentioning the evnts of Oct 7th and what led to this war, nor explaining that the IDF is trying to not injur non combatants. It would be so easy to destroy the entire hospital, wouldn’t it. If Israel wanted to kill all Gazans, the number of dead would be 100 times higher, wouldn’t it?
Shame on you. A disgrace to journalism.

From Jess Lev

November 7, 2023

Do you trust the people who killed your family more than your own family??? What is wrong with you?? Do you think they will think twice before they kill you??? They don’t feel the difference between you with your “unique” opinion then me… who love the life much more than those who edmires the death.. Think twice.

We have the same last name… probably we are relatives.. unlike them, I care about you.

From Adam Livingstone

November 4, 2023

Who needs enemies when we’ve got Anthony Lowenstein?

In the concentration camps you were called a Kapo.

You are a disgusting, self hating person making your fame by undermining and defaming “your people”. You might be Jewish by birth..that’s it…let’s help unJew you, your children won’t be anyway..why should you care?
In every generation there were people like you and like them you will be forgotten and remain in the trash bin of history.
October 7th you write only a brief general sentence of “disapproval” when a mediaeval pogrom was carried out on families and  innocents, nothing less than a pogrom. Why should you care, they are just Jews and Israelis. Palestinians are the only victims and have the right to commit atrocities especially against Jews.
We are better than you in every way and will survive your treachery.
Why don’t you take on a new project and justify your living in someone else’s land to which you have no cultural, religious or historic right??
Yours with disgust and loathing.

From John Vainer

September 22, 2023

Please do us a favor and head to the oven you dirty kike.

From Erik Rabe Røstad

August 24, 2023
You are a either a liar or know nothing about real jewish history(!!)
You are a shame to the jewish people!
Jewish land of Israel have been occupied ca 4times
1) greek occupiers
2) roman occupiers
3) Turkey occupiers
4) Muslim arab occupiers
Jewish people and culture originated in Judea and Samaria ca 4000 years ago!
The roman occupier Hadrian called jewish land of Israel for Palestine in year 135
The roman occupier Hadrian called jews land of Israel for Palestine in year 135
Jews = palestinians
Israel = Palestine
Jews does not occupy Palestine!! Israel is Palestine – you stupid arab loving fuck!!
Jews in Israel can not occupy their own homeland for 4000 years
So jewish land of Israel has been called Palestine for almost 2000 years
So jews has been called palestinians for almost 2000 years
Miniority of arabs are ok . My wife is jew-loving arab from Iran living in Norway and Israel
Majority of arabs are muslim criminal scum who are a danger to humanity with wish of global kalifat
Muslim arabic occupiers invaded Israel/Palestine and stole the name and called themselves “palestinians”
Todays “palestinians ” in Gaza and Westbank are fake palestinians (See PLO Yassir Arafat) they are arabs from Egypt and Iran
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and his criminal arab scum cooporated with Adolf Hitler in 1941 to massmurder  million european jews in Holocaust (!!!!)
Fake “palestinians” or muslim arabs in Hamas and Fatah say public they want to massmurder all jews in the world
Fuck you arab-lover and your criminal arabic scum !!!

From Raoul

July 22, 2019

You just don’t know what apartheid is. If you knew, you’d be loudly advocating for your Arab/Muslim pals to stop persecuting non-Muslims and treating women and homosexuals as second and third class humans. Protecting the only free and open democracy in the ME against criminals, terrorists and their enablers is as much apartheid as keeping notorious paedophiles away from playgrounds, schools and kindergardens. Excuse my French, but you’re obsessive-compulsive Zionophobia makes you look like a hypocritical douchebag.

From Jeffrey Dane

December 27, 2018


Amazing how in defending antisemitism you have the nerve to quite radical anti Semites. For example the Jewish Voice for Peace.

BDS is an antisemitic movement. It is led by antisemites. It is supported by antisemites.

It is ok to have a personal hatred for Israel like you do. Just don’t deny what it is.

From Pete Barany

December 22, 2016

It is laughable that you call yourself a journalist. A journalist gathers evidence, deals in fact, and publishes objective articles. You are merely a propagandist who gets stuff published because you are a Jewish Jew-hater which is always popular with other antisemites. There is no skill in what you do. You are a pawn

From Michael Hande

February 4, 2016

Hi Antony,

Your recent article on the refugee crisis was incredibly naive and was symptomatic of the Left’s inability to engage with the reality of such matters. Your empty theories and opinions will thankfully never have an impact on public policy. The unfolding refugee crisis has the potential to ruin European civilisation. Western countries throughout the world, while undoubtedly subjecting others to destructive foreign policies, have taken on a disproportionate amount of refugees and migrants in comparison with many other countries which has diluted their sense of national and cultural identity under the guise of multiculturalism and cultural relativity, which has utterly failed in many countries due to the Islamisation of their institutions and everyday lives – with much worse to come. In this case the Left is proving itself to be as dangerous as the Far Right.

The usual self-loathing commentary on the Guardian website was nowhere to be seen in your article as people across the Western world are waking up to the horror unfolding in their own countries, and the reality that Australia’s harsh and cruel immigration policies may be what their countries need in order to ensure their own survival. A pariah no more.


Michael Hande

From Jack Bender

August 7, 2015

While I can appreciate your reporting on events in Africa…your BDS support is disgusting ..you put a triple standard on Israel…show me a country outside of maybe Iceland…that gets the pressure from all sides as Israel …that does half as well….you as a self hating Jew should be ashamed…instead you trumpet for Israel’s blood enemy’s

From Ron Temis

December 15, 2014

I’m sure if you were in that cafe, the terrorist (oh sorry, freedom fighter) would lay down his weapon, cuz you’re one of those nice more moral than all other Jews and we all of course kemp now that Muslims don’t do terror, only us Israelis.

From Eddy Boas

August 8, 2014

Vivienne when you and Slezak and Loewenstein look in the mirror , you must all be proud of yourself
as to what you have achieved

Together with your comrades at the ABC,SBS and Fairfax you have managed to turn young schoolboys into Jew haters
You must be proud to see Jewish children being insulted and threatened with death.

Slezak’s performance at Sunday’s anti Jewish rally, standing amid signs proclaiming ‘death to Jews’ and other threatening signs
was a total betrayal of the Jewish population in Australia, especially the young children who were abused on the school bus.
Standing there proclaiming to be a Jew and pretending to speak for a vast number of Jews was betrayal at its worst.
Peter even as aToken Jew you are a total disgrace.
It is Vivienne Porzsolt, Peter Slezak , Antony Loewenstein and your handfull of supporters
who betrayed these young children and it is you who should apologise to these children and their parents for the trauma that you have caused them,
You lot represent nobody ,if it was not for the ABC and SBS using a Token Jew to denounce other Jews you would not have a platform
The majority of Australia’s Jewish community believe you are a fraud

The peaceful rally held by pro ISRAEL supporters represented the 99.9% of Jews who believe in a fair go for Israel.

Vivienne take your 2 friends and go and live in Iran where as Token Jews you WILL be treated as heroes
till of course when they don’t need you anymore (because after all you are a Jew ) they will hang you as traitors ,which is really what you are.

From Michael Sultana

August 1, 2014

You low bastard. Hamas fires rockets into Israel by the thousands and they are expected to sit on their hands and do nothing ? Hamas and other terrorist groups have made it their life long ambition to kill Jews. Simple enough. What part of that can’t you get your smal brain around ?

Giving Palestinians Gaza or the West bank to control will not stop anything. The only reasons Israel there is to prevent attacks. You simple simple fool.

Maybe you should sit down and talk with some Jews face to face you gutless squib. You mean nothing, your opinion means nothing and the sooner you shut up the better because talk is cheap my friend and you talk way too much for someone who has never walked the walk.

I wish you lived next door to me and allowed someone to terrify my mine from over your fence because I would burn you and yours to the ground…….fucken smart arse. Go on, show some guts, confront some jews face to face and repeat what you said you nobody……

From Vardi Jacobs

July 27, 2014

Such a shame that the 7 TV station got a hold of you to represent the Jews of Australia and even more so, representing as if with some authority, the situation in Israel’s war with the extremists of Gaza…you have misrepresented me…and have done more harm than you’ll ever know, if G-d forbid, any Jew or Israeli is hurt by antisemitic behaviours…. next time you open your mouth representing Israel or the Jews of Australia, please ask my permission to do so! shame on you! the last thing we need is an anti-Israel wrongly opinionated person….

From Sam Peleton

October 2, 2013

Of course, KAPO shit like you wouldn’t understand.

From Peter Briant

February 23, 2013

Firstly, you don’t know anything about Islam.

Now if you like this islam doctrine and its followers so much then I would like to make you an offer. If you sign an agreement with me to leave Australia forever I will pay all your cost of moving and resettlement in an islam country.

Waiting for your reply.

Peter Briant

From Ron Danko

February 18, 2013

Re your interview on 774 radio today …..

Bullshit re the organisations here being slaves to JERUSALEM ( not Tel Aviv) ….our Capital

I probably know more than you or the Jewish organisations you referred to .

Very few people know what really happened ……..stop trying to make Israel look like some Commi spy state !!

YOU should be very grateful for what Israel does for US including you !!!!!!!!!

From Amit

February 18, 2013

Dear Mr. Loewenstein,

As a proud Israeli, as a proud Jew, as a sun of a holocaust victim, can you please let me know how do you justify yours anti Jewish opinions?

Are you really want that we will have a second holocaust?

Thank you and BR,


From dljande

February 16, 2013

You always manage to exceed yourself when it comes to behaving despicably. To take the opportunity over the tragic death of Ben Zygier to lambast the Jewish community for supporting Zionist Jews who want to go and live in Israel is vile and unscrupulous. You might have been born a Jew but that is as far as it goes.

From Ofer Zak

December 21, 2012

You are a complete piece of utter shit. You are a liar. I hope your career is as awful as your opinions. And they are opinions. Just cause you stupidly label yourself a freelance journalist doesnt mean an iota of shit. Suck it you raging piece of shit.

From Nicholas Kadi

December 18, 2012

I read your Drum article.

It is clear to see you are a typical sef-hating Jew. Now you call yourself an Atheist to hide your Jewish heritage. You are a typical Marxist/Communist.Socialist, anti-capitalist. (Of course you could not name me one country in world where communism/socialism has worled out well for the civilians of the country. The Leftists – Your kind of people are some of the most dangerous people in the world.

You disguise your hatred of Jews by called it anti-Zionism. This is very clear for everyone to see.

Don’t you realize that Israel needs to protect it’s borders from radical Muslims? Don’t you know that in today’s world and going back centuries, almost wherever Muslims are situated, it is their goal to gain more land and kill the fellow Muslims, Jews and Christians Buddists etc to get it. Nearly every violent dangerous place in the world today, is dangerous becasuse of the Muslims trying to take control of land and are killings fellow Muslims and ofcourse the non-muslims.

Currently some of these countres include – Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya and througout Africa, India, Thailand, Phillipines, etc etc etc ……

But you choose not to talk about the hundreds of thousands of innocent people killied by radiacal Muslims in these countries, instead you focus your days and nights critisizing Israel when it kills 150 arabs in the course of protecting it’s country from constant rocket bombardment (10,000 rockets over the past few years).

This is why the BDS movement is ridiculous and no media covers it or supports it. If you were serious, you would call boycott hundereds of universities that teach voilent Jihad as a way of life, and the hundreds of corporations that are associated with radical muslims all over the world. But of course you are silent on this. Why would any sane person boycott and Israeli university when the Jews are some of the most brilliant minds in the world and contribute a lot to the world, unlike Muslims who contribute very little. Makes no sense.

The intenatioanl community overly focuses its attention on Israel’s actions, rather than pressuring the Palestinians to return to the negotiating table. “The Palestinians can afford to avoid negotiations with Israel because the international community exacted no price for the Palestinian failure to negotiate in good faith.” Hamas leaders openly called for Israel’s destruction on the weekend. “Where was the outrage? Where was the UN? Where was Abbas?”

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu asked where the Europeans (as well as the US and Australia) were when Hamas leaders called for Israel’s destruction over the weekend. Why weren’t Palestinian envoys in their capitals summoned for explanations? Netanyahu: the Palestinians can avoid negotiations with Israel because the international community exacts no price for Palestinian “rejectionism.” (In 1967 Israel freed Jewish land from Arab occupation, in defencive war! In accordance to international law, all this land belongs to Israel. If Europeans dispute this fact, they must review the borders of almost all EU member-states!)

From Mustafa

November 29, 2012

Antony, is it true what I have heard, that you have become a muslim, ie converted quietly?Then why keep it a secret.No need to hide your real identity from anyone if you claim to be truely authentic.Seems you are indeed a lier.

From Reginald Trendor

November 24, 2012

Antony you are a coward and believe what I am going to print in block letters if you do not post this comment which is JORDAN IS PALESTINE.YES JORDAN IS PALESTINE , so why is this never discussed.It is morally wrong to not discuss this as it is indeed the truth.

From David Feldman

November 19, 2012

I would rather shake hitlers hand than yours

From james

November 16, 2012

Shame on you for distorting the historical truth….Please do at least a favour to the Jewish People, change your name!

From Shirl in Oz

November 16, 2012

You are pure scum Loewenstein. You know damn well that so far this year there have been over 800 rockets from Gaza into Israel. How Israel has contained herself thus far is amazing. Any other country would have flattened the place.

From Mr Volf

November 15, 2012

Millions of Jews died and then God punished them more by giving us someone like you.

From Adam Livingstone

November 15, 2012

I dont know who you think you represent. I had the misfortune to see your interview on abc news 24.

You are not an intellectual. You cannot understand the wider picture. I cannot understand why anyone would have you as a commentator. You have an agenda to push and you think you are an expert. You are the archetypical self hating Jew. The type that worked as collaborators with the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto. Keep putting the boot into Israel. You’ve got a ready audience all over the world – the far left, the far right, the muslim world and all those ready to be convinced by the Expert Jew. an expert only on his own self importance, Loewstein. You are disgusting. You would make anyone an anti semite.


with total and all consuming disgust,
Adam Livingstone

From Tony LowLifeStain

August 25, 2012

Dear Anthony Sancitmonious LowLifeStain, I just heard about your disgusting remark (delovered with a smirtk) about how 6 million Jews have to die to build your one state utopia. Well I hope you have a nice accident, you half literate, racist, fascist enabler ?

From Downunder girl

July 27, 2012

Obviously you’d expect us to believe the hate filled crap and lies that spew forth daily from your back side.

From Anonymous

June 23, 2012

So marine le pen is a crypto jew. if only ALL the fucking jews and muslim would fuck off to their filthy country and get out of Europe, we would then be able to leave in peace. This of course will not be achieved until All the jews are exterminated once and for all.

From Mike Weatherby

June 19, 2012

Africa for the Africans Asia for the Asians Israel for Jews or your an anti-semite! White countries for everyone? Because diversity really just means fewer White people. Anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White.

From albert landa

June 12, 2012

What can we expect next from the jew -hater’s favourite(for the moment) jew. Antony.Why don’t you just come right out and follow your Israel hatred to it’s (i) logical conclusion. How about getting up a petition of your distinguished Israel (jew haters, especially the jewish ones) calling for all possible assistance to the government of Iran in their quest to achieve njuclear armaments and to carry out their holy mission to wipe Israel off the map? C’mon Antony.Don’t squib it.Show some real guts. Be really fair dinkum.Isn’t that what you are really calling for? .Gosh!I would really hate to be you.How do you sleep at night?

From Ella

May 24, 2012

Loewenstein – yet another poor excuse for a self hating Jew. Or at least an ignorant anti-Semite.

From Bloom

May 24, 2012

You are such an immature person.whoever reads your rubbish, does it for a joke.

From Joyce

May 2, 2012

Dear Sir:

For a guy with a Jewish last name (No, I’m not profiling you), you seem to appear sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. That’s your right, of course, but I have difficulty understanding why/how a person of Jewish heritage (unless that’s a pseudonym) could even think of giving land back that was won in the “67 war. To do so would make Israel’s borders indefensible. As a Christian (not a fanatic), I believe the Scriptures which clearly state the borders of the Promised Land. They include all of Jerusalem, the West Bank, and Gaza and more. (Genesis 15:18—21) The land was given to Israel in an “everlasting covenant.” (Gen. 17:7—8) It’s eternal, and will never change. Now, that’s a heritage! No offense meant. Just wanted to share. You can block me on Twitter if you wish.


[email protected]


From Brian

January 23, 2012

Do me a favor before u open ur stupid mouth about israel u werent there u didnt see thats wat some assholes said i could say obama sucked my cock ok u go there to israel and see for urself fuck arabs fuck them in thier mothers ass that they crawled out of they are sworn enemies to the jews since day one they been killin us israel didnt attack egypt syria lebanon jordan iraq and the rest or even threaten them but they attacked israel and everyday keep swearing the death to the jews look at iran its growing to world power soon and they will start fucking with israel just like everyone else did in 1948 1967 1973 1987 1994 2004 all these times they attacked the jews all these times and israek still fucked them in the ass with thier big ugly mouths u guys dont open ur eyes and see the big picture if u want to learn more ask rabbi google thank u very much.

From Guy

July 27, 2011


From U Umbakutu

June 27, 2011

Mr Lowsystein, have you written about Gilad Shalit? Do you care? Of course not. You are happy about what has happened to him.You are a filthy character that can only be summarised in one word;TRASH

From J.A.

June 13, 2011

Are you a Jew or are you an Arab?Antony, I think you are just a fuckwit.

From Jeff Lenchiner

May 29, 2011

If Hamas was anywhere else in the world, the extreme-left (like you) would correctly completely cast them off as crazed radical fundamentalist terrorist organization.

But, because they try to kill Jews and try to kill Israelis, the extreme-left (like you) make excuses for them and instead shift all blame all the time onto Israel.

Sorry dude, but Jews and Israel aren’t going to suicide themselves, despite the wishes of the extreme left (fake peace activists who are basically just anti-Jew and anti-Israel bigots) and the extreme right (anti-Jew and anti-Israel bigots who are open about it and don’t pretend to be peace activists).

From Reality Check

May 20, 2011

You, your neo-nazi and islamic fundamentalist allies won’t succeed in destroying Israel. You’re wasting your pathetic life.

When the desire to destroy Israel ceases, there will be peace. Until then, there won’t. The end.

From Osama Bin Laden

May 11, 2011

Mohammed Lowenstein I welcome you soon to be with myself and Allah.Allah Akbar.I am proud of you son. You will have 40 virgins for your reward in heaven.

From rutomy d.

May 10, 2011

Just a suggestion antony lowstein, if you take the rings on your ears and put them on on your mouth you will look a lot better.Are you bi sexual?I think you are.

From James Hendricks

May 9, 2011

I would like to express my condolences to Antony Loewenstein for the death of Osama bin Laden. You must be very heartbroken.But do not fear as Al Queada and the arabs will continue to support you financially.

From John Wright

April 6, 2011

If anyone`s a bitch it is you Antony.You are an effeminate prick.

From Vladimir Kalinsky

April 6, 2011

Take a long walk on a very short pier.Your time will come bitch.

From C.P.G

April 4, 2011

Palestine already exists.It is Jordan.The arabs living in Judea and Samaria should move to Jordan which is Palestine.

From F. Cantori

April 4, 2011

You are the antichrist,a barbarian who is the son of two idiots.

From Marco P

April 4, 2011

You are a sick puppy and I heard that your parents smoked when you were conceived. I guess that explains everything.Poor Anthony.

From Bruno T

April 4, 2011

Zionism doesn`t need a bogyman moron. You are the sokesman for the arabs who steal land whenever and whereever they can.In time you will want to call Australia Australiastan and declare it an independant islamic country practising sharia law. You are now known as ali baba of the 41 thiefs. YES YOU ARE A THIEF.

From C.P.G.

April 4, 2011

koosochte you swine. a retard the son of retards.

From T. Venocili

March 29, 2011

You are not a real journalist.You are a fake journalist who is paid by arab organisations to do your work because on your own income you would not survive.You are a fake and dishonest.

From Raj Timaja

March 26, 2011

I wish you all the very worst always.This unremovable curse is on your head for life.You will see it will come to pass.If not today,or this week but it will be.

From Gimpyu Homnye

March 26, 2011

But it is not arab land.It is Jewish land.Read history.You are so horribly misled and uninformed.You do not want to learn, read and be informed You want to stay an ignorumus.

From Hiram

March 24, 2011

Your such a one sided wimp, i think you and I should travel to the Middle East together and look at things from the real side, are you brave enough ?

you have my number call me anytime Anthony.


From Em Beech

March 21, 2011

Absolutely lovely, Anthony. Your blog and your followers seem to have one standard in condemning racism against Muslims, but you feel free to vent your hatred on Israel. Your rants are not rationed pieces of political opinion, but bile-filled hate pieces. Your article How have you amassed so much hatred in you? Your article entitled ”Israel’s Gestapo Cranks Up To Find Traitors In Their Midst” is an immature tongue-poking “nyah nyah” little heading, don’t you think? What did Hamas affiliates do with Palestinians they thought fed information to Israelis? Did you compare them to Gestapo, or was that valid in your hate-filled mind. You and your readers don’t want peace. If that were achieved, heaven knows you couldn’t bring it in your black hearts to criticise REAL perpetrators of human rights violations.

From Ralph Torrens

March 21, 2011

Lowenstein, you have an abnormally narrow and limited view of Israel and the Arab world.In your autistic narrow and abnormally skewed view of Israel you cannot see past your own limited idea of reality.I have read what others have said and I think you are in your own autistic world, not connected to fact or reality.However I do not feel sorry for you like the others.

From Triba Abulafia

March 16, 2011

Hi Nutter, how are you today?Did you cry in your sleep last night from your hatemail?Bet you are pissing in your pants while trying to show a straight face.Poor poor Anthony.Poor poor thing.The worst thing is some of the nut houses have been closed but there are good shrinks that can sedate you.Oh you poor poor thing.

From Lbnaz

March 14, 2011

So in what sense is the phrase “everything is poisoned by the Israeli embrace” not a blatantly racist remark demonizing an entire country and its people? I’m curious as well as to whether Mr. Lowenstein would allow a comment to stand on his blog that read: “everything is poisoned by the Palestinian Arab embrace”? Interesting as well that the frothing at the mouth over all Israelis and all things Israeli commenter fancies him/herself capable of passing judgment on the intellectual nature of universities.

From Desira Shapatti

March 14, 2011

A. Loewensein, you are fucked in the head.You are beyond repair or sanity.

From Ronald Jaegger

March 14, 2011

I can`t understand why you get hatemail.After all you are a normal,decent,honest chap.Perhaps a mental asylum is where you really belong.I`ll bet you cry at night from all your emails.Poor bugger.Poor poor Anthony.

From Alan Sommers

March 13, 2011

Anthony Lowenstein, you are a moron and a lunatic.I really feel sorry for you

From David

March 12, 2011

There was a time in 1948 when jewish settlers reached out to the Arabim regarding water rights. The sentiment of the arab population, then as now, was to push the jews to the sea and exterminate every last one of them. This was helped along by the Brits in their occupation of the land, but that is a different story. I am sorry not to have a name to place with the original comment posted in 2009, but it is interesting that the opinion formed is one based on a “visit” to Israel. Try living there, you ignorant and opinionated shitbird. A trip to a courtroom on your way back to the King David Hotel is not quite the same as living with the division on a daily basis. You have conveniently violated all the tenets of objective journalism with your slice of life commentary. Bravo. I would slap you with your Bar Mitzvah pictures if I could.

Outside of the Orthadoxim, who are a definite minority in Jewish culture and belief within the state of Israel, God and his directive that the Jews should have Israel is of little concern to most of the State’s residents. We were given control in 1948 after a very uncomfortable period in Europe. We were promptly attacked after efforts of making peace by multiple countries. Our families and children were in the line of fire. I was in Jerusalem during the uprising in 2000 and our children were still in the firing line. Whine from a distance, if that is all you can do. Call it unfair that the poor palestinians who shoot home made rockets at Sederot do not have the same rights as their Jewish targets. Please go and study your history books. What would you have us do? Would you put your own children at risk? Raise them as Arab? If your child’s school was being attacked by rocket fire would you defend the enemy? They would not be the enemy if they did not choose to fight us. Go live in the Arab quarter of Jeruslaem as I have and write again. Until then, I wish you a second circumcision. David Robert Adler. Israeli Citizen since 1999.

From Dion Bond

March 11, 2011

Anthony, you are a nobody who tries to fill your void by trying to feel important.Poor Anthony,poor poor Anthony

From Terry Thompson

March 10, 2011

Mr Loenstein, could you please let us know if there is any difference between your beliefs and those of Ahmenijad.There does not appear to be any difference at all.

From Greg Hugo

February 27, 2011

Anthony lowenstein, you are disgusting

From Ron

February 17, 2011

Its a shame that an Australian will support boycotting the only democracy in the middle east.

You need to get it in to your heads, The Arabs use western liberalism to get the world public in their side, there isn’t one Arab nation with democracy and there will never be, it’s not in their culture, murder of daughters and sisters in the name of family honor is.

hanging of gays and lesbian from a power poles is in their culture, it’s about time that we will wake up, France, England, Holland and other countries are facing the disaster of Islam, lets stop the support of the Moslem’s now, before it will be to late.

From Anonymous

February 8, 2011

The fight is on & the enemy doesn’t distinguish between Israeli Jews or the wider Jewish community.

The hate is deep set & rising. The western community is feeling duped about a decade long conflict & is looking for someone to blame. When europeans are dissatisfied with anything they will turn to the old punching bag- dem evil kid killin jude !!

Their snarling like hungry rabid dogs & when the catalyst arrives, they will come hunting for us- regardless of political affiliation.

You can bow & scrap at the mobs feet as much as you like but don’t ask for our help when they kick you in the teeth.

Your on your own.

I do not waste my words on blind hate groups & I will no longer waste my time on you- he who is simply known as ‘Antony’.

From Anonymous

February 5, 2011

How about commenting on the long list of problems with Islam and arabic culture.

What’s wrong ? Can’t u face the repercussions that u would inevitably get from the muslim community?

Grow some balls Loewenstein …

From Lloyd Bishop

January 10, 2011

Israel must be only for Jews. Germany must only be for Germans. Others must be deported. Nothing else will work.

From G. Kahledeld

January 7, 2011

Why can`t you be honest and admit you are a muslim. You are using the lie that you are a Jew to do what you are doing.Useless pathetic lier. FUCK OFF

From Jose Pedro

January 6, 2011

I want to be paid to tell the truth, that the world is full of racist scum like you.

From Peta Towers

January 4, 2011

Jordan Is Palestine. You don`t want to publish this as you are a coward,a lier and a psycopath.

From Ryan B.

January 1, 2011

The Chin people of Burma are harassed daily, denied medical aid and robbed by the Burmese military.Are you going to write about these peoples plight or are you going to just focus on Isael bashing.The people of Burma need attention to their plight and I think you should do this for their sake.Oh, and incidentally you are not God.You`re a piece of crap, but as a journalist you could help the Burmese people.If you have it in your heart you will do so.

My view if you is another David Irving or a Mad Mel Gibson. YOu`re a shit but you will help the Burmese people asshole.

From Julian

December 28, 2010

We never hear you complaining about the way Palestinians are treated as sub humans by the Jordanians.Until you do this all your argumaents show you are only antiIsrael and not just proArab.I fail to understand your total oblivion to how these people are treated by their own kind.Your constant barrage of momotonous monologue indicates that you are autistic .You are in your own world.Sad but true.

From Janice

December 28, 2010

As a journalist, are you going to stick up for the oppression of the Palestinians in Jordan? Would you report about Arab attrocities in Israel and in other parts of the world?The answer is no.This is because you are an arab yourself.You have shown to all the world your true nature and that your so called reporting can only ever be one sided.

From Anthony Sperling

December 25, 2010

Anthony lowenstein is yet another example of an ignorant,self hating Jew.Judea and Samaria has and will always belong to the Jewish people.If he likes, he should convert to Islam.Good riddens to bad rubbish.

From Jeff

December 25, 2010

Anthony Lowenstein you are not only an antisemite and anti israel ,you are an islamic lover and supporter.You are a dangerous wanker that makes money from your trouble making.Hope you drop dead.Sooner rather than later.Entshala

From Leonora

December 22, 2010

You’re nothing more than a soft anti semitic coward that in 1933 would have posed as an ‘intellectual’ supporting the Nazi’s.

Except your writing ( and lack of basic literary skills ) exposes you as even less than the hack you pretend to be.

What’s your amazon ranking now?

What’s your amazon ranking now?

From Thomas Paine

November 11, 2010

Sad Ignorant people you all are here. The Palestinians are responsible for their own problems. If these corrupt Palestinians you all so support would stop brainwashing their children, blowing themselves up, strapping bombs to their sister and blowing them up in the name of Allah, and being militant and picking up arms because they were brainwashed into hate–if they stopped all of this, then they could have peace TOMORROW, don’t you get it! The Israelis DO NOT TARGET CIVILIANS. It is collateral damage due to Palestine’s own war mongering and violent leaders and society. GO AHEAD YOU NUT JOBS. GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! If these Palestinians tried just once to stop the violence and hate in their society, you would see an end to or less military action having to be taken against these terrorists in Palestine. But in the corrupt land of Arab radicalism, there is no chance to start moderate movements. The moderates in such Arab societies are shouted down and targeted for violence so abusers of the Koran can use hate to scapegoat the anxieties of their own people who they oppress against the “Jews” or “Americans”. Doing this helps the radicals to retain power and keeps the Arab masses on their side with a common objective of murdering and hating Israelis. You brainwashed pro-Palestinians make me sick! How about you call out some of the horrible practices such as brainwashing their citizens to hate and commit acts of terror, blowing themselves up, which is the main thing that propagates this violence, but you dont! You only condemn Israel! Sad sad ignorant people you are here!

From Um Yisroel Chai

August 4, 2010

Achminejad deny Holocaust. Loewenstein Jewish but lose noone in holocaust so must be prove not happen. We Iranians hate Juden so you must become no more infidel Antony! No more of your Jew lies Antony. Convert to Koran and we will love you like son. Allah Akbar. We Muslims take ourselves too seriously sometimes, but we think we are sooo important. Shalom Chaverim!!!!! L’Chaim – to life and no more wars. Peace to Israel and Palestine – the onyl wa to go. Let all peple live in peace and no more rockets into Sderot. Well Done Antony on betraying your people!

From Bobby

June 1, 2010

isnt it amazing how when isreal defends itself or tries to prevent more genicide all the jew hating anti semites crawl out of the woodwork . when the arabs fire rockets in to isreal from gaza into jeruselem killing innocent civilians not a word of reproach ever appears in print saying the arabs are to blame when arab mothors if you can refer to them as such intice and teach there 10 and 12 year old children to strap on a bomb and walk in to a crowded square with jews and blow themselves up along with innocent people not a word is uttered in defence of the jews its only when incidents like the present one occure that mention is made by a bunch of jew hating bastards . do you ever see them reproaching the filthy arab population for beheading innocent people who they judge as inferior or infidels because they arent muslims worshiping allah and what about our cow.

From Tony

Nice one Antony. I love it how you put Israel in its place – divestment. It’s the only way we can help our brothers in occupied land. Keep up the good work, soon we’ll have our land back.

PS – Think I forgot to mention that your articles all seem to be vaguely familiar – get a life – but of course it is Israel that you are against, not the Jews, because you are one yourself, right? You clearly have a chip on your shoulder about something in your childhood and have truly joined the ranks of the misguided fools who argue your line of thought. Newsflash, Israel ain’t going anywhere. Scared of strong Jews who believe in something? Keep your ivory tower going and become a muslim – stop the fakery!

From Strangelove

Lowenstein and his deranged cackling geese are determined to destroy the one 20,000 sq km homeland for the Jews, 6 million of who were murdered and another 5 million dispossessed by the Herrenvolk only a few years ago. Lowenstein and his corps only serve to strengthen the resolve of Jews who believe in the right of Jews to live in safe surroundings. His use of Einstein on his masthead is a profanity.

From T.T.Bopy

The Taliban did this because they are religious fanatics. Not because of America or Israel or oil or imperialism. Now you try to use moral relativism to spin your own twisted lack of perspective. I guess in a few days you’ll pull this entry off your site or just say it was “misinterpreted” like the infamous Gillard nazi poster. Beyond that I previously thought you were just young with a high sense of ideals, misguided and ignorant but well intentioned. I was wrong – you have just confirmed to me you are a disgusting narcissistic human being willing to stoop to any low to achieve attention and an embarrassment to real writers. Spare us your filthy amoral crap please. No surprises if your fragile ego will not allow this post BTW.

From m hayman

The vast majority of so called “refugees” are Muslim. What we have here is a kind of Muslim invasion. The Caliphate will be reborn but this time it will be worldwide – and you Mr Lowenstein are working toward that happy end. Allah Akba baa baa baa

From David

You f..king hypocrite Loewenstein. Australia has diplomatic and trade relations with Israel so you should chhoose to go and live somewhere else if you had the courage of your pathetic convictions.

From wessie

Antony you are a very poor excuse for a Jew. I hope you one day stop sucking up to those who seek your destruction and wake up to the evil you have brought into this country. There is nothing worse than an antisemitic Jew!

From shiko

Mr. Lovenshtein, you are disgrace to Jewish nation. I have yet to see any Abdullah or Mohhamed going against own people the way so many Jews do. From surname I see that the leader of provocateurs Greta Berlin is another Judas.

It is also disgust me to see how weak minded Jews can become talking about negotiations with Hamas. it is akin negotiating with Al Qaeda.

It is inherited Jewish weakness to try to look good and be liked. Take care of yourself before caring for others. Being weak and likable won’t help you.

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