Private immigration facilities making money from misery

My debut article in the New York Times: Berlin — Immigration and Customs Enforcement calls the detention site in Dilley, Tex., a “family residential center.” But to the 2,000 migrant children and mothers who live there, it’s something else: “People who say this is not a prison are lying,” Yancy Maricela Mejia Guerra, a detainee…

How foreign mining companies breach human rights in Africa

My investigation in the Guardian: Australian miners are making a killing overseas. With little regulation or oversight, billions of dollars are being made in some of the most remote places on Earth. The necessity of partnering with autocratic regimes has proved no impediment to investment. Human rights have been breached. Victims are largely invisible. None…

The massive haul

Consider this: Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul raised over three million dollars on the web in one single day, November 5. This tells us that the election campaign in the US is far from over and despite Paul’s conservative views on a raft of issues, many Americans remain disillusioned with major party politics.

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